Free Samples

Samples are great.  They can be used for so many things; trying out new products, having travel versions of your favorite products, they can also be made into gift baskets, stocking stuffers, emergency kits, etc.  Below are some that will get you started.  If you run across some good samples be sure to let me know, so I can let others know.

Did you know Walmart gave away samples online?  There is always samples availble.  Everytime I've sent for one I've received it. Go to Walmart.

You can get anything as a sample.  Like cologne, for instance.  I sent off for this one today.  Tropical Breeze cologne for men.  If it smells nice it will be in someone's stocking this Christmas.

And who doesn't need to start the day off with caffeine?  Taster's Choice is giving away stick pack samples.

I've enjoyed many of Kashi's free samples.  Currently they are giving away there TLC chewy Granola bars.

Power Bar now has something called Gel Blasts.  I don't know how they taste but I will when I get my sample.

Did you know Aveeno does Hair Care products?  I thought they just did oatmeal baths.

Women, doesn't it fell like we will Always need these?  I still hate there tag line tho.

Dover Publications
publishes hundreds of titles.  Coloring Books, connect-the-dots, paper doll, craft instruction, etc.  They also send out weekly sample pages if you sign up.  Print them out on your printer and instant activity for children of all ages.